Saturday, May 12, 2007

The longest day

Starting at 11:30 on Friday evening, the group embarked on a 14 hour traveling mission towards Honduras. We made a stop in Atlanta in which most of us chose to sleep.

AJ and Lauren

From there we landed in the middle of what seemed to be a picture from a magazine. The view from the window appeared the same as the one seen on google. After a hot walk through customs, it was off on a ride through the hills in an interesting bus to the resort. After we gathered our things, we were off to snorkel in the lagoon. We found many of the species that we had studied including an awesome reticulated sea star.

This is also our mother’s day wish to our mothers we won’t be seeing. We love you anyway.

Amber apologizes to her mother because the airline ripped her suitcase and her fins were falling out. So duct tape it will be for the journey home. I owe you a suitcase! Love you!

Jen regrets that she won’t be calling, but is safe and sound here! I’ll bring you a t-shirt.

We ended the day with a trip to the pool and lab orientation…

The end of the longest day…