Friday, May 18, 2007

One last day in the Carribean Sun

Friday morning was one of the sadder mornings of the trip as it was the last chance we would have to get into the water. The divers dove to 110’ on their wreck dive. The wreck was called the Aguila. The location is known for its eels and parrotfish that patrol the decks. They had a great time down there for the morning.

-- A few shots from the dive site

Those that snorkeled enjoyed some of the more beautiful corals and fish in the shallow reef off of the shore next to the wreck. The boat trip back to shore was disappointing to all since there was no more diving, snorkeling or time in the water to come.

The afternoon was what we were most interested in. We started our travels with a trip into the town of Coxen Hole. We visited some shops and all found some ‘goodies’ in the local grocery store.

--The main street of Coxen Hole

After the trip through Coxen Hole, we traveled further over the mountain to the Iguana farm. This was an interesting place, as well as the only place that we saw a sea turtle for the whole trip.

--The group with the iguanas

-- AJ's sea turtle... the only one we saw :-(

After the iguanas, it was back on the bus for a stop in Sandy Bay for a little more shopping and free time. All of us found interesting trinkets and gifts during our travels and we returned to the resort for the evening.

The night included some trivia games about the local history and heritage as well as some dancing. Winners for the evening included Lauren, Jen, AJ, Nicole and Pat. The night continued with more relaxation and fun between friends for one last night on the cabana. Tomorrow is our trip and travels home… A wonderful week it has been.