Sunday, May 13, 2007



Last night we all discovered that we didn’t have an alarm clock. That would seem to be a problem. Not in Honduras. Many of us were awoken by the birds early this morning as the sun came up. Others were woken a little later by a very strange bird called the Zimminus annoyingus. This critter has very interesting taxonomy.

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Vertebra

Class: Biologae

Order: Environales

Family: Professororus

Genus: Zimminus

Species: Annoingus

Common Habitat: Underwater, mud rooms, creeks, and tops of landfills.

Behavior: erratic, elusive, and can be found kissing jellyfish

After breakfast it was off to a lecture about fish identification. We then got to test our skills as we went out to the water with our gear and some sun screen. The view in Mandy's eel garden was amazing. After lunch, a large group of us kayaked around the lagoon of the island and visited with the dolphins a little. Nothing like marooning yourself in turtle grass, right Amber? Then at about 2 pm we took off for our second dive. More beautiful than the first, we all enjoyed the fish schools in Fish Den.

Here is the group in action

--Dive Crew on the bottom

--Snorkel crew from below

--Moray eel and Grey angel fish

--Coral Pillar

--A view of the reef

The night will end with two lectures from RIMS staff, mainly Jennifer, about the dolphins.

More updates to come!

Hasta Manana!