Monday, May 14, 2007


Today has been another fine day in the Caribbean. Today’s lecture included coral identification and reef identification from the RIMS staff. Then it was off to the south side of the island. Our first stop was Key Hole on the edge of the marine reserve. The reef has a sharp drop into the abyss and on the edge of the wall was a large number of fish species.

--Dr. Briggs snorkeling along

Then it was off to the island. On the island is another of the dolphin training centers. The group got a crash course in dolphin training. We spent 45 mins asking them to do things like walk on their tails, wave, jump and kiss. After the session we had lunch on the key followed by some nice free time.

--Jen giving the signal to jump to Rita

--A group playing with dolphins

On the way back we did a drift dive in an area full of staghorn coral. This area is very special to the island, as staghorn coral is one of the most endangered species of coral. This area is known as Smith Bank.

--Staghorn Coral

The rest of the evening was free time back on our own key. There was dancing and general fooling around. It was a welcome break from the water and class.

Tomorrow is another day...