Tuesday, May 8, 2007

And so it begins....

The week at Lycoming has begun. Preparation includes both lecture and lab before we go. We have discussed the taxonomy of the animals and plants that we will encounter, as well as created an ever growing list of "touch-me-not" creatures. That list tends to scare most of us into the "we won't touch anything" attitude. It seems that everything there wants to sting you.
This afternoon culminated with a trip over to the pool. Some more experienced members reviewed their scuba skills and tested equipment. Others of us with a little less practice fumbled around like dying fish in the water till we got the hang of fins, mask, and the ever bothersome snorkel.
See for yourself:

Amber and Jen take a breather

Alex tests his fins

Pat and Nicole get ready to test their gear

More updates to come - Please check in on us as we get ready to travel!