Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rainy Day

We awoke this morning to the sound of pouring rain. Dr. Z left at about 7:45 for his dive with the sharks. The students headed off to RIMS for a lecture about sea turtles before heading out for one of the more interesting dives. Due to the weather the water was hard and choppy. There was little room for just drifting on the reef. This site was called Pillar coral. This site had beautiful shallows as well as areas as deep as 80 ft for the divers and plenty of crevices to find creatures. We returned to land just in time for the picnic lunch on the key.

-- A few shots from Zimm's Dive


For the afternoon, we were off to the canopy cable zip line. There were 12 approx 60’ (or longer) cable lines to ride down through the jungle canopy to the final landing on the beach. By the time we all reached the bottom, it was raining again. This added to the fun for many. Bouncing and spinning around backwards 20’ in the air was interesting, but it was a wonderful experience for all whom hung their butts out in the air.

--Gail sailing down one line

--Pat sliding along upside-down

--The group at the top of the mountian

Tonight is the night dive for the divers; we shall see who arrives back to shore alive. They are going to dive at the same place we were at this morning. The snorks however are just going to hang out on the cabana with some Bob Marley since the water is too murky from the rain to snorkel in.